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Beltane Brue SE with Logstore Multifuel Stove


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Beltane Brue SE with Logstore Multifuel Stove

Introducing the Beltane Brue with Logstore Base – a blend of style and functionality within the esteemed Brue lineup. This compact stove now boasts the added convenience of an integrated logstore, offering a dedicated area to neatly arrange and easily access small logs and kindling.

With its generously proportioned glass window, the Brue affords an enhanced view of the dancing flames. It ranks as the most space-efficient model in the Beltane Stoves collection, making it an ideal selection for contemporary spaces where room dimensions might be restricted.

Purposefully designed for cozier areas, the Brue covers an output spectrum from 3 to 5kW, ensuring effective heating and a welcoming ambiance to grace your surroundings. The inclusion of user-friendly air controls equips you with precise command over the burning rate, facilitating temperature adjustments and the attainment of optimal fuel economy.

Lined with vermiculite, a remarkably insulating material, the Brue maximizes heat retention and distribution, heightening its overall performance. Enhanced with a robust cast iron grate, this stove guarantees efficient combustion and unwavering dependability over the long term.

A product of British design excellence, the Brue stands as a testament to Beltane Stoves’ unwavering dedication to quality and timeless aesthetics.

Engineered to be compatible with a 12mm floorplate, the stove guarantees safety while also furnishing an appealing foundation. Sporting an A+ energy rating, the Brue operates with remarkable efficiency, curbing both fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Ecodesign Ready
Defra Approved
Height 632mm
Width 380mm
Depth 303mm
Weight 70kg
Flue outlet size 125mm
Nominal Output 4kW
Efficiency W 81.4% C 80.9%
CO @ 13% W 0.06 C 0.05
Particulates mg/mo3 @13% W 25 C 14
Maximum log length 25cm
Distance combustible materials rear 200mm
Distance combustible materials side 600mm
Distance to centre of top flue outlet from back of stove W 25 C 14
Height to centre of rear outlet 508mm
Suitable for glass floor plate
En 13240



Stove Type





DEFRA Approved, Ecodesign Ready





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