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Westfire Uniq 26 SE Woodburning Stove


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Westfire Uniq 26 SE Woodburning Stove

Elevate your modern living experience to new heights with the Westfire Uniq 26 Eco-design. This Danish masterpiece blends sleek, slim design with outstanding performance, setting a new standard for wood-burning stoves. The generous glass area offers an unmatched view of the enchanting fire, transforming any room into an awe-inspiring focal point.

Efficiency and sustainability converge in the Uniq 26, as it burns wood cleanly and optimally. Its advanced combustion technology ensures a warm and captivating fire while minimizing emissions and maximizing energy efficiency, embodying the perfect balance between heating prowess and eco-consciousness.

Exuding sophistication, the Uniq 26 boasts meticulous details, including a flush-fitting stainless steel handle that adds a touch of elegance to its contemporary aesthetic. Its slim and sleek form effortlessly integrates into modern living spaces, enriching the ambiance with clean lines and timeless charm.

With Westfire’s renowned reputation for crafting high-quality wood-burning stoves, the Uniq 26 stands as a testament to their expertise. Hailing from Varde, Denmark, the company is devoted to creating exceptional products that seamlessly blend functionality with stylish design. Rest assured, the Uniq 26 delivers unwavering performance and enduring satisfaction.

Enrich your living space with the Westfire Uniq 26 Eco-design, basking in the allure of a modern wood-burning stove. Danish craftsmanship and impeccable design converge in this exceptional choice, perfect for those who value simplicity, quality, and the mesmerizing allure of a captivating fire.

Ecodesign Ready
Defra Approved
Height 1004mm
Width 465mm
Depth 435mm
Weight 105kg
Fuel Type: Wood Only
Steel Construction
Flue outlet size 125 mm
Energy Rating: A
Nominal Output 5.0kW
Output Range 4-7kw
Efficiency 80%
CO @ 13% 0.09
Particulates mg/mo3 @13% 13
Maximum log length 300mm
Distance combustible materials rear 100mm
Distance combustible materials side 300mm
Distance to centre of top flue outlet from back of stove 156mm
Height to centre of rear outlet 895mm
Optional closed combustion
Closed Combustion Outlet Size 100mm
Suitable for glass floor plate
Recommended heat area up to 100m2



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DEFRA Approved, Ecodesign Ready