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Hergom Mallorca Woodburning Stove


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Hergom Mallorca Woodburning Stove

The exquisite Mallorca free-standing wood-burning fireplace, crafted by Eurostove, is a striking addition to contemporary home interiors, especially those with open-plan layouts. Designed by the renowned Spanish company, Hergom, the Mallorca represents one of their latest innovations, blending steel and glass to create a modern masterpiece.

This stove boasts a 360-degree glass surface, making it a captivating focal point from any angle within the living space. It is especially well-suited for central placement or positioned strategically between two living areas, such as a kitchen and dining area. Partially hanging yet securely anchored, it is a partly suspended and freestanding stove with a  view that ranks among the best on the market.

The sliding glass feature is elegantly operated by rotating the base of the fireplace, allowing you to experience both the physical warmth and visual allure of the Mallorca sensation, creating a unique ambiance. This comforting and inviting atmosphere can even be enjoyed during the warmer months of spring and summer, thanks to a special firebox light that provides a cozy glow when the fire is not burning. The Mallorca incorporates the latest combustion and airwash technology, delivering a nominal output of 18.7kW.

Beyond its impressive efficiency and functionality, the Mallorca stands as a significant interior design statement, sure to capture attention and be warmly welcomed in any home.

This is a special order stove and will be from 4-6 weeks following an order.

Weight 220 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) 1098 × 1553 mm
Nominal Output 18.7kw
Efficiency 55%
Colour Black



Stove Type








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