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Hergom Craftsbury Woodburning Stove


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Hergom Craftsbury Woodburning Stove

Introducing the Newly Redesigned Craftsbury Wood-Burning Stove: A Fusion of Timeless Elegance and Modern Efficiency

This elegant, freestanding stove boasts intricately embossed side panels that infuse refinement into any space. Combining classic design elements with highly efficient combustion technology, the Craftsbury embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Whether it finds its place in a traditional or contemporary setting, this stove effortlessly harmonises with its surroundings, enhancing the aesthetic allure of your home. Delivering an impressive 7.5kW heat output, it radiates abundant warmth, making its presence felt even in spacious rooms.

Crafted from premium cast iron, the Craftsbury not only emanates durability but also exudes a sense of opulence. Its sturdy construction guarantees enduring performance, while the cast white internals add a touch of sophistication. This harmonious fusion of materials results in a stove that is visually striking and engineered to withstand the test of time.

The Craftsbury offers installation flexibility with its top or rear flue connection options, enabling seamless integration into various room layouts and chimney configurations. Furthermore, the optional direct air feature facilitates the direct supply of external air to the combustion chamber, thereby enhancing combustion efficiency and reducing heat loss.

Effortlessly maintaining a pristine view of the mesmerising flames, the Craftsbury employs an air wash system. This innovative feature prevents the glass panel from accumulating soot and deposits, ensuring an unobstructed view of the fire and contributing to the overall visual appeal of the stove.

Ecodesign Ready
Defra Approved
Height 729mm
Width 602mm
Depth 447mm
Weight 150kg
Fuel Type Woodburning
Nominal Output 7.5kW
Energy Rating A
CO @ 13% 0.10%
Maximum log length 500mm
Efficiency 79.2%
Distance combustible materials rear 400mm
Distance to combustibles rear with collar convector fitted 250mm
Distance combustible materials side 400mm
Optional closed combustion
Suitable for glass floor plate
Recommended heat area up to 220m3



Stove Type





DEFRA Approved, Ecodesign Ready





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