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Chimney Liner and installation kit 5-6inch 316 Grade

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The main benefits of re-lining the chimney with a Schiedel Flexible Chimney Liner are to increase insufficient draw to power the stove as the flue warms up quicker. This in turn gives you a higher efficiency increasing the lack of heat output and preventing leaking tar/smoke from the chimney.

Flexible Liner and associated parts for 5-6″ wood burning stoves.

This kit consists of –

  • 5″ Stove pipe adaptor to 6″ flexible Liner
  • Notice Plate
  • Required length of 6″ 316 Grade Schiedel Technoflex Plus Lifetime Guaranteed*  twin-skinned Flexible Liner
  • 6″ Terracotta pot hanging cowl
  • One Meter length of 6″ Vitreous enamel stove pipe
  • Register Plate 900mm x 495mm – no access hole – small plate to adapt from 5inch to 6 inch is included
  • 2Kg Tub of black fire cement.

*To qualify for the Lifetime Guarantee, the chimney must be swept by a qualified person with a certificate supplied each year from the sweep. Also the correct fuels must always be used and the stove remains in situ.

Flue Liner Length

10 Metres, 11 Metres, 12 Metres, 6 Metres, 7 Metres, 8 Metres, 9 Metres