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Beltane Brue SE Convection with Logstore Multifuel Stove


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Beltane Brue SE Convection with Logstore Multifuel Stove

The Beltane Brue Convector + Logstore harmoniously combines elegance, practicality, and ease. Now, relish the Brue’s captivating warmth and charm, amplified by the convenience of a designated firewood storage area.

Engage in an enriched fire panorama through the Brue’s expansive glass window, surpassing its counterparts. Immerse yourself in the entrancing dance of flames, as their radiant heat envelops your space, forging a snug and welcoming environment.

Thoughtfully crafted to suit contemporary room dimensions, the Brue stands as the most compact stove within the Beltane Stoves collection. Its streamlined design seamlessly integrates into modest spaces, rendering it an impeccable selection for modern homes.

Elevating both safety and adaptability, the Brue incorporates convection panels that trim the clearance to combustibles to a mere 200mm on its sides. This facet renders it ideal for homes with open layouts or structures built with timber frames, granting tranquility without sacrificing style.

The logstore base provides ample room to house kindling and smaller firewood pieces. Navigating the Brue’s operation is effortless, courtesy of its user-friendly air controls. Mastery over heat emission rests in your hands, empowering you to cultivate an ideal atmosphere and sustain optimum coziness throughout your surroundings.

A product of British design, the Brue embodies the artistry and precision emblematic of Beltane Stoves.

Elevate your compact area with the Beltane Brue Compact Woodburning Stove accompanied by its Logstore Base, and elevate your heating experience. Revel in the impeccable fusion of elegance, performance, and convenience, as you luxuriate in the warmth and solace this extraordinary stove bestows.

Ecodesign Ready
Defra Approved
Height 632mm
Width 380mm
Depth 303mm
Weight 70kg
Flue outlet size 125 mm
Nominal Output 4.6kW
Efficiency W 81.4% C 80.9%
CO @ 13% W 25 C 14
Particulates mg/mo3 @13% W 25 C14
Maximum log length 25cm
Distance combustible materials rear 100mm
Distance combustible materials side 200mm
Suitable for glass floor plate
Distance to centre of top flue outlet from back of stove 135mm
Height to centre of rear outlet 508mm
En 13240



Stove Type





DEFRA Approved, Ecodesign Ready





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