ACR Neo 3F ECO Stove




ACR Neo 3F ECO Stove from ACR Neo Contemporary Stove range is a woodburner stove fitted with four short cylindrical legs.

The ACR Neo 3F ECO is 2022 Ecodesign ready and also Defra Approved for Smoke exempt areas – dedicated woodburner

The ACR Neo 3F features one large front viewing glass which has airwash and side viewing glass for extra views of the wood burning flames.

Removing the ashes couldnt be easier – the ashpan slides out towards you and a convenient carrying lid is then slotted into place allowing you to carry the ashes out without the worry of them getting blown about in the wind.

ACR Neo 3F ECO Stove features

  • Defra approved
  • Woodburning
  • Airwash
  • Easy Ash removal system
  • Easy to use single air control
  • 5kw heat output
  • 125mm stove outlet
  • optional direct air kit 100mm spigot




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