Completely Transformed our Cottage!!!


We had a wood stove in our previous home for 22 years and have had serious withdrawal symptoms whilst waiting for a wood stove to be installed into our new home. (Actually, without a stove it really isn’t home at all, it’s like the soul has been taken out of it). So, after purchasing our little cottage in the forest, we set about trying to find someone who we could feel that we could trust enough to put the soul back into this forlorn little place. Previous owners had bricked up both fireplaces which had only been open fires before anyway. We thought that at best we might have to settle for a wood burner attached to a flue that disappeared into the wall behind it…..we wern’t really expecting anything quite as exceptional as we actually got from Andrew and his companion Michael! (Boy does Michael work! And always so cheerful, we missed him when the job was completed). As I sit here typing this review, I am sitting in front of a stunning opened up fireplace that the wood stove sets back into, with piers from reclaimed bricks and a lovely aged oak beam over the top. It sits on a gorgeous heath and it is finished off beautifully all round. The warmth from the stove and the mesmerising effect of those flames that are so clear through the glass of the stove door is wonderful…..what is the English version of ‘Awesome’ I wonder….. The chimneys had to be lined, but now we know it is safe and the draw on that fire is unbelievable. We found someone we could actually trust….we now have a beautiful wood stove that has put the SOUL back into this little cottage….it has truly changed the feeling of the whole place….and….we can’t wait until end of Feb next year when they are back to do the same to the other room! Thank you Andrew and Michael.