A Tale of Two Halves


A Tale of Two Halves We hired Stoves Man LTD to re-point and re-crown three chimneys, to fit seven new chimney cowls, replace broken roof tiles and to do re-pointing repairs all around our 114 year old property. Good: Respect for the age of the property. The chimneys and roofs have been restored to match the original. Contractors and employees arrived on time, were polite, professional and were very hard working. Solar Scaffolding were amazingly quick and efficient. Work finished within the time frame. The refurbished wood burner stove is lovely. This was added on after the project started and was fitted on a Bank holiday. Bad: Crumbling chimneys and birds in the chimneys were the original reason we contacted Stoves Man LTD. We specifically made it clear during the initial job assessment (and also mentioned a few times during the work), that we did not want birds to be able to enter our chimneys. Six days after the project finished, Jackdaws began appearing daily and disappearing inside the chimneys. The fitted cowls are aesthetically pleasing; however, they are not functioning as requested. Unhappy: We hired Stoves Man LTD as a chimney expert and trusted their professional expertise to fit the type of cowl to fulfill our request to keep these birds out. The quote stated 1 metal cowl and 6 clay cowls. We have what we now know are six “flow-through” cowls. They are like six little bird houses. When the cowls were actually being fitted, we asked the fitter, if the six cowls were the correct choice for keeping birds out as we felt some uncertainty. We were assured that they were. Even though we had a fixed price quotation, we paid a considerable amount extra for roof repairs that were required to complete the job. It was clear that the extra work required was missed during the initial job assessment. Us agreeing to pay extra to properly complete the job was done in good faith because it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. We strongly feel that the cost of replacing the current cowls with those that function as we originally and clearly requested should not be our responsibility. Receiving a quote for this is insulting. We consider the current cowl choice to be a professional error. This and the missed roof work probably could have been avoided had there had been less talking and selling and more listening. If the cowl situation had not occurred, we would have given Stoves Man LTD a more positive review.